пятница, 26 февраля 2010 г.

Праздник английского Алфавита

Yesterday we had a very exciting party at our school. Pupils of the second form showed everybody their knowledge of English! They recited poems, dialogues and sang songs in English language. At the beginning of the party they told about all the letters of the ABC or English alphabet. The leading characters of the event were Eugene Kostyushkin (11A), who performed the Russian alphabet and Mark Elenkin, (11A) "his brother English one". All the party we were impressed by the talent of Ksenya Tsagelnik (11A), who starred as a witch. She was not sure in the success of the pupils in studying English and they managed to persuade her in it. The pupils of the 8 form, the members of the puppet theatre group, showed three Russian tales. The pupils of the 4 form sang very funny songs and all the children danced with them. The party was really amazing! I'd like to thank the participants for their work and diligence.

4 комментария:

  1. OLOLO! We r da best! Rude work! Cha, Jah knows how good we were. Y'know, I t'ink 'bout actor career after all!
    Wha'gwan, keep rollin' people.

  2. It was really very funny!In my view children liked this party and it was very interesting for them!I was very glad to take part in this performance!Tatyana Klimovna, thank you very much for this bright event!

  3. It is a very funny event! When I read it I remembered our party of the second form. I liked it!

  4. Thank you, Tayana Klimovna ! I didn`t know about this party at shcool number 12 , but I was at school !