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Традиционные скачки в Лондоне

Royal Ascot London is a prime event in the British sporting calendar. Not just a horse racing event, Royal Ascot in London is also a stage for celebrity networking and fashion statements. Some of the most popular sights at Royal Ascot London are the extravagant ladies' hats which always cause a stir. Queen Elizabeth II and her Royal Party usually attend every day of Royal Ascot in London. Perfect for picnics, visitors are allowed to bring discreet hampers and wine for refreshments. Informal picnics are also permitted in the car parks at Ascot London. All visitors to the Grandstand must dress in smart fashion. Most ladies wear special hats for the occasion and the gentlemen wear shirts and ties. Sports attire, shorts or jeans are strictly forbidden in Royal Ascot in London. If you think you are worthy to rub shoulders with the Royal Family, upper classes and glitterati, do come to the delightful occasion of Royal Ascot in London.):

четверг, 16 июня 2011 г.

Сюзанна Вега

Suzanne Nadine Vega is an American songwriter and singer known for her eclectic folk-inspired music. Two of Vega's songs in 1987 reached the top 10 of various international chart listings: "Luka" and "Tom's Diner". "Tom's Diner" takes place in Tom's Restaurant at 112th Street and Broadway in New York City. Suzanne Vega was born on July 11, 1959 in Santa Monica, California. Her mother, Pat Vega, is a computer systems analyst of German-Swedish heritage. Her father, Richard Peck, is the Scottish-English-Irish. They divorced soon after her birth. Her stepfather, Ed Vega, was a writer and teacher from Puerto Rico. When Suzanne was two and a half, the family moved to New York City. At the age of nine she began to write poetry; she wrote her first song at the age fourteen. Later she attended New York's prestigious High School of Performing Arts. There she studied modern dance and graduated in 1977. She studied English literature at Barnard College, and performed in small venues in Greenwich Village. Vega's self-titled debut album was released in 1985 and was well-received by critics in the U.S. It reached platinum status in the United Kingdom. 

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Приставки и их значения


A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Here are 7 common prefixes in English, together with their basic meaning and some examples.
1. counter-
meaning: opposition, opposite direction
example: counter-attack, counteract
2. extra-
meaning: outside, beyond
example: extracurricular, extramarital
3. hemi-
meaning: half
example: hemisphere
4. inter-
meaning: between, among
example: interact, interchange
5. non-
meaning: absence, negation
example: non-smoker, non-alcoholic
6. post-

meaning: after in time or order
example: postpone
7. re-
meaning: again
example: repaint, reappraise, reawake

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