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Слэнг Лондона

The East End is the area east and outside of the medieval walled City of London and north of the River Thames. People who live in the East End are known as East Enders. Many East Enders are 'Cockneys'. The term cockney refers to an East London accent. A cockney traditionally is a person born within hearing distance of the sound of Bow bells, meaning within the sound of the bells of the Church of St Mary Le Bow in Cheapside, London. To most people living outside London the term Cockney means a Londoner. Cockney Rhyming slang is a coded language invented in the nineteenth century by Cockneys so they could speak in front of the police without being understood. It uses a phrase that rhymes with a word, instead of the word itself. For example:
Cockney --> Meaning --> Example
Adam and Eve --> Believe --> I don't Adam and Eve it!
Apples and Pears --> Stairs --> Get yer Bacons up the Apples and Pears.
Army and Navy --> Gravy --> Pass the Army and Navy.
Bacon and Eggs--> Legs --> You have got a lovely set of Bacons.
Barnet Fair --> Hair --> I have just got my Barnet chopped.
Brass bands --> Hands --> I shook him by the Brass.
Bread and Honey --> Money --> I wish I had loads of Bread.
Butcher's Hook -->Look --> Take a Butcher's at that!
Christian Slater --> Later --> See ya Slater.
Cream Crackered Knackered --> to be tired/broken --> I'm Cream Crackered!
Currant Bun --> Sun --> The Currant Bun's hot today.
Danny Marr -->Car --> I'll give you a lift in the Danny.
Dicky Bird --> Word --> He hasn't said a Dicky bird in hours.
Dog and Bone --> Phone --> She's always on the Dog.
Donkey's Ears --> Years --> Ain't seen you in Donkeys.
Lemon Squeezy --> Easy --> It was Lemon, mate.
Loaf of Bread --> Head --> He rarely using his loaf of bread.
Pete Tong --> Wrong --> Everything's gone Pete Tong.
Plate of Meat --> Street --> I was walking down the Plate...
Plates of Meat --> Feet--> I've been on me Plates all day.
Pork Pies (Porkie Pies) --> Lies --> He's always telling Porkies.
Rabbit & Pork --> Talk --> She Rabbits on a bit. Let's Rabbit and Pork.
Tea Leaf --> Thief --> Watch it, he's a bloody Tea Leaf.
Weasel --> Coat --> Pull on yer Weasel.
Whistle and Flute --> Suit --> I just got a new Whistle.
from the calendar by Mandy Barrow
Try to write a coded message in Cockney where commentaries. It will be interesting to recoded it.

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