пятница, 19 февраля 2010 г.

День поцелуев и китов

Kissing Friday (the Friday after Ash Wednesday)
On this Friday of Shrove Week, English schoolboys were once entitled to kiss girls in without fear of punishment or rejection, a custom that lasted until at least the 1940s.

Today is, also, the Day of Whales. This holiday was celebrated in 1896 for the first time. The international commission of whales, after 200 years of cruel killing of whales, prohibited this kind of hunting. The day is considered to be a day of defense not only for whales, but for all sea mammals. This day is especially important for Russia because a lot of whales, dolphins and seals live in our seas. Some of them are endangered and put in the Red Book of Russian Federation and International Union of Nature Protection.

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  1. it is very important story. I think everybody should know about the Day of Whales. Nastya