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Элизабет Тэйлор

Elizabeth Taylor is considered one of the last major stars, to have come out of the old Hollywood studio system.  Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born in London on February 27, 1932. Although she was born an English subject, her parents were Americans, art dealers from St. Louis, Missouri (her father had gone to London to set up a gallery). Her mother had been an actress on the stage, but gave up that vocation when she married. Elizabeth lived in London until the age of seven, when the family left for the US when the clouds of war began brewing in Europe in 1939. They relocated to Los Angeles. A family friend noticed the strikingly beautiful little Elizabeth and suggested that she be taken for a screen test. Her test impressed executives at Universal Pictures enough to sign her to a contract. Her first film released in 1942 when she was ten. Throughout the rest of the 1940s and into the early 1950s Elizabeth appeared in film after film with mostly good results. She grew from a doll-faced child starlet to become one of the silver screen's most striking beauties, not to mention a compelling actress and one of the world's most famous movie stars. She has been a natural magnet for publicity throughout her life and is one of the most photographed women in history.  She even holds the record for the most appearances on the cover of Life Magazine.  Taylor has received five Best Actresses nominations and two Oscar statuettes over the course of her amazing six-decade career. In 1963 she starred in Cleopatra , which was one of the most expensive productions up to that time--as was her salary, a whopping $1,000,000. Her personal life has been a tempest of love affairs, unsuccessful marriages and multiple medical problems. Upon the death of her friend, she began her crusade on the behalf of AIDS sufferers. In the 1990s, she has also developed a successful series of scents. Elizabeth Taylor is known internationally for her beauty, especially for those violet eyes, with which she captured audiences early on in her youth and has kept the world hooked on ever since.

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  1. I believe that Elizabeth Taylor was the greatest actress in the history. She fascinated audiences all around the world. Elizabeth was not like other actresses: age didn’t hurt her career. She became more brilliant as she got older. There was no actor or actress in the world like Elizabeth Taylor. )) Olga Li

  2. I think Elizabeth Taylor is really a great actress and an icon for many people. She had a lot of various awards and people’s recognition. In spite of her health problems, she always behaved praiseworthily. Elizabeth was a successful actress, loving mother of three children, she also helped those people, who had AIDS, that is why she deserves respect. Viewers will always remember her beauty, her destiny, her films, her eyes...
    by Ksenia Vasiltsova