вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

Конкурс для девушек

The first day of spring our school celebrated with the competition among the girls of the 9-10 forms «Business Lady».  The participants of this event told in English about themselves showing presentations, treated the members of the jury to tasty dishes cooked with their hands. The most difficult task for the girls were to find the solutions in different situations. Conversational skills, tact and friendly manners helped most of them.  The last task was to tell the audience about their thoughts about business lady of the present. The ideas were reasonable, mature and interesting. The competition was prepared by the students of English department (East-Siberian University) who had a practice at our school. We also had an opportunity to listen to wonderful music played by the guest musician and to the song sung by my pupil Mariya Tokareva. It was a really exciting event. All the girls got presents and diplomas of Miss English, Miss Audience's Sweetheart, Miss Charm, Miss Thrift, Miss Elegance. Okoyemova Diana and Alekseeva Valeria became the winners and got the title of Business Ladies.

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