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Великолепная Барбара!

My favourite song

For singing

Barbra Joan Streisand, born April 24, 1942 is an American singer-songwriter, actress, film producer and director. She has won two Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, four Emmy Awards, an American Film Institute award. She is one of the most commercially and critically successful entertainers in modern entertainment history, with more than 71.5 million albums shipped in the United States and 140 million albums sold worldwide. She is the best-selling female artist on the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) Top Selling Artists list, the only female recording artist in the top ten, and the only artist outside of the rock and roll genre. She was awarded an acting. With her 2009 album, Love Is the Answer, she became the only artist to achieve number-one albums in five consecutive decades. Barbara was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Jewish family, the daughter of Emmanuel and Diana Streisand.
She was the second of two children. Her father was a respected high school teacher. Fifteen months after his daughter's birth, Emmanuel died of a cerebral hemorrhage and the family went into near-poverty. She attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn and joined the Freshman Chorus and Choral Club. Barbara Streisand became a nightclub singer while in her teens. She wanted to be an actress. When her boyfriend, helped her create a club act, she achieved success as a singer. While singing for several weeks, she changed her name from Barbara to Barbra. In 1962 Streisand first appeared on Broadway, in the small but star-making role in the musical. Her first film Funny Girl was an artistic and commercial success. During the 1970s, Streisand starred in several screwball comedies. One of her most famous roles during this period was in the drama The Way We Were with Robert Redford, for which she received an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. In February 2008, Forbes listed Streisand as the No. 2 earning female musician. Although Streisand's range has changed with time and her voice has deepened over the years, her vocal prowess has remained remarkably secure for a singer whose career has endured for nearly half a century. Streisand is a contralto or possibly a mezzo-soprano who has a range consisting of well over two octaves from “low E to a high G and probably a bit more that in either direction.” Streisand has long been an active supporter of the Democratic Party and many of their causes. Streisand said, "The Democrats have always been the party of working people and minorities. I've always identified with the minorities." Streisand has been married twice. She has a son. The Streisand Foundation, established in 1986, has contributed over $16 million through nearly 1,000 grants to "national organizations working on preservation of the environment, voter education, the protection of civil liberties and civil rights, women’s issues and nuclear disarmament."
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