пятница, 4 февраля 2011 г.

С годом Кролика!

The Chinese New Year is celebrated for about fifteen days. It gets determined by the Lunar New Year calendar. In 2011, it started from 3rd of February. Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, no matter what you call it, is that time of the year which signifies celebration and merriment for millions of Chinese people all over the world. The Chinese calendar has a twelve year cycle. It names each of the years after an animal. 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. In Chinese mythology, the Rabbit is a symbol of endurance and their essence is said to have originated from the Moon. Children still carry lit paper lanterns made in the form of a Rabbit, and climb the hill to look at the Moon and admire the moon Hare.

People born in the year of rabbit are very talented and ambitious. Also these people are extremely virtuous and reserved kind of people. They are financially very lucky who do not lose their temper so easily. They love to gossip around and a very good gamblers. Because they are of reserve nature so that do not indulge in gambling so often. Rabbits will often be seen as part of a large group not as leaders. The rabbit born in the Chinese New Year 2011 with be Metal Rabbit.

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