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Язык СМС

All people in the world today use mobile phones. Because of a high tempo of life we prefer short forms in SMS or even special signs instead of words. Here are some symbols young people use in English speaking countries:
RU OK? - Are you OK? - Ты в порядке?
Y NY? - Yes and you? - Да, а ты?
OK CU2DAY? - OK. See you today? - Я в норме. Сегодня встречаемся?
NO 2MORO WER? - No. Tomorrow. Where? - Нет, давай завтра. Но где?
@J'S. CUL8TR - At John's. See you later. - У Джона. Увидимся позже.
LUV B - Love Bob.. - Люблю тебя. Твой Боб.
F2T? - Free to talk? - Ты можешь общаться сейчас?
N. WER RU? - No. Where are you? - Нет, а ты где?
@ WK. NU? - At work. And you? - На работе. А ты?
@ HM. CU L8TR? - At home. See you later? - Я дома. Ну что, позже увидимся?
Y. WEN? - Yes. When? - Да, а во сколько?
@7. TA4N. CU - At 7 o'clock. That's all for now. See you. - Давай в семь. Все, пока. До встречи.
OK. B4N. - OK. Bye for now. - Ну, договорились. Пока.
BTW - by the way - кстати
IMO - in my opinion - по моему мнению
TTFN - ta ta for now [bye for now] - Ну все, пока.
Information from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/russian/learning_english/

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  1. It is interesting=) Russian people have the same language=)
    BY:Димка Беляевский=)

  2. Oh..))In my opinion,it is more comfortable to connect with friends by sms with the help of English language!!I think we should try)))Veronika

  3. It is very helpful information, and comfortable in using)Oksana