вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

День заповедников и благодарности

First, Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks was celebrated on 11 January 1997. The date wasn’t accidental. The first Russian Barguzinsky Nature Reserve was created this day. It is a nature reserve located in Buryatia on the west slope of the Barguzin Range, including the northeast shores of the Lake Baikal and a part of the lake itself. The area of the reserve is 2,482 sq km. It was created in 1916 to preserve and increase the numbers of Barguzin Sable. Beautiful mountainous terrain occupies nearly half of the territory. The middle zones are covered with dense cedar spreads, and the lowest region is dense taiga. Today the reserve serves for broader conservation purpose. Altogether 39 varieties of mammals, 220 kinds of birds, 4 species of reptiles, and about 30 types of fish and numerous invertebrates are protected within the reserve. Among the protected mammals are the sable, brown bear, wolf, lynx, fox, otter, ermine, elk, reindeer, caribou, and musk deer (known as kabarga). Omuls, sigs, sturgeons, graylings, taimens (таймень), lenoks (ленок) and other fish spawn in the rivers of the reserve.
Also, 11 January is the most polite day of the year all over the world. It is known as World Thank You Day. The origin of the phrase “thank you” in Russia is from a short form of "Save God". We say “thank you” many times a day, but a sincere gratitude goes from the heart!

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