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Фрэнк Синатра

Frank Sinatra (full name Francis Albert Sinatra) was born on 12 December 1915. He was the only child of Italian immigrants Natalie Della and Anthony Martin Sinatra. His mother was influential in local Democratic Party circles. Frank's father served with the Hoboken Fire Department. Frank left high school without graduating, having attended only 47 days before being expelled due to his rowdy conduct. Growing up on the streets of Hoboken, New Jersey, made Frank Sinatra determined to work hard to get ahead. He started for the circulation manager of the Jersey Observer newspaper. He rode news trucks, and later was promoted to a copy boy. He wanted to be a reporter and enrolled in a Journalism class, studying English, typing, and shorthand. Finally, the editor made Frank a sports reporter. From his teen age Sinatra was inspired to popular singing. When it came to learning how to sing, Frank did it by singing. He never read a note, and never took a lesson.
He joined a local singing group, (the Hoboken Four) and won a talent competition in 1935 on the popular radio program. The group toured the country that year, but Sinatra was the only member with serious musical ambitions, and they soon disbanded. In 1942 he started his solo career. Around November of 1946, Columbia Records estimated that Frank was recording an average of 24 songs per year, enabling them to issue one new Sinatra record a month. At that time, his records were selling at an annual rate of 10 million per year!! Sinatra’s hit songs include ``Strangers in the Night'', ``The Lady is a Tramp'', ``New York, New York'' and ``Chicago.'' He was the first ever star to have teenage girl fans scream at him in public. The word bobbysoxer was coined around this time. Sinatra also forged a career as a dramatic actor, winning some important awards. In 1995, to mark Sinatra's 80th birthday, the Empire State Building glowed blue. After suffering heart attack, Frank Sinatra died on May 14, 1998 with his wife Barbara by his side. He was 82 years old. The next night the lights on the Las Vegas Strip were dimmed in his honor. President Bill Clinton led tributes to Sinatra, stating that he had managed "to appreciate on a personal level what millions of people had appreciated from afar." Elton John stated that Sinatra, "was simply the best - no one else even comes close."Frank Sinatra is considered to be the greatest American singer of 20th-century popular music. For more information: http://www.sinatra.com/

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