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Новогодние традиции

New Year
At midnight on the 31th of December bells ring out around the world to welcome the New Year. There are also many other interesting New Year celebrations and customs. In Europe many people prepare special food. Swiss women bake bread, rich in butter, eggs and raisins. They also cook roast goose. Children go from house to house greeting people and going inside. People in Italy hold parties with salt pork and lentils on the menu. Lentils are supposed to be lucky and bring money, perhaps because they look like small piles of gold coins. In Spain it is customary to eat 12 grapes in champagne at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Groups of friends visit restaurants in Turkey where they spend the night and give and get presents. Some people in Greece play cards, hoping that a win will bring them luck for a whole year. New Year myths are very old. New Year means new beginnings, so, for example, in Italy people throw old clothes, broken cups and plates out of the windows. An old English custom was to burn juniper inside the house while the doors and windows were closed – to fumigate the home and people for the coming year. When they couldn’t stand the smell any more, they ran out of the house, breathing in cold fresh air.
In Russia there are also our own traditions to celebrate New Year.
What traditions do you have? Tell us about them, please. It’ll be interesting for others to know about it. Have you eaten any tasty dish at the holiday table? Will you share the recipe with everybody, please!
Вы можете найти много интересных праздничных рецептов на этих сайтах: Holiday Eats - http://recipes.holidays.net/recipes.php?id=1
Мир вкусных рецептов - http://mvr.e-stile.ru/ny
Хорошая кухня - http://www.good-cook.ru/knop/ng2010.shtml
Приятного аппетита!

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