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Замечательный Стинг!

Sting is a singer, a songwriter and an actor. His born name is Gordon Matthew Sumner. He recived his nickname from his striped sweater in which he looked loke a bee during his early days as a musician. Sting was born on October 2, 1951, in Wallsend, England in the family of a milkman. He appeared first in a rock group "The Police" in the 1970s. "The Police" had a sound that was hard to pin down, filled with many influences from jazz to progressive rock. In 1980 the group won their first Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Also during this time, Sting tackled his first leading role in the 1982 film Brimstone and Treacle. Before his music career he was a ditch digger, a schoolteacher who taught English and a soccer coach. He recieve an honourary Doctorate of Music degree in 1992. He plays guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica, saxophone and pan-flute. In addition to his musical caree, Sting has been active in human rihts and other social issues. Such as the Rainforest Foundation to help save the rainforests. He and his wife Trudie Styler have been married since 1992. The couple has six children, two of them from his first marriagewith an actress Frances Tomelty.

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