воскресенье, 28 ноября 2010 г.

День рождения школы

Yesterday my school celebrated its 40 anniversary. It was decorated with coloured balloons, flowers and photos of former pupils, teachers. We  invited a lot of quests. They came with presents. The most wonderful one, in my opinion, was the picture of a birch in a winter forest made of a horse hair. We heard so many kind words and felt proud of our school.  There was a concert full of songs, dances and video congratulations from the graduators who now live in Germany, the USA, Moscow and St. Petersburg. We were glad to listen to and see the familiar faces of former headmaster and a chief teacher of English who left our town. We saw a film about the first years of the school, remembered people who had worked here. It’s interesting to note that six of our teachers are former pupils. I am among them. After the concert there was a party. We treated the quests with champagne, danced a lot. 40 years are not many, but not few. Our school has its history, traditions and a lot of successful, clever and  good people will remember it as their childhood, their fist friends, love.

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  1. Oh,my school...40 years old....I have been studying here for 7 years, so hard and happy=) I want that our school will be bigger,and have the best pupils=)
    by:Димка Беляевский 7 б класс=)

  2. Dear school, we congratulate you on 40 birthday!!!!! All your pupils love and remember you. I am so glad, that there is such school in our city.

    Ann and Veronika with love=)))

  3. This holiday is a very important for our life in school. I congratulate my school on its birthday. I want to wish it a lot of happiness, victories and a lot of clever pupils. And I congratulate certainly our great lovely teachers!!! Let's our shool in all things will be Ok
    Tokareva Mashka!!)))

  4. I’m so glad that our school is 40 years old!!! I’ve been studying here from the 1st form, this year my school life will finish. I love my school and I want to stay here a little bit longer. I wish it to become the best place in the world for every pupil. I'll remenber my school forever)))

    Kolodeznikova Elena, form 11 b

  5. My favourite school)))I congratulate my school on that big important day))I wish it to be the same and give education to every pupil!!!Veronika))