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День учителя

On the 5th of October all teachers will celebrate their professional holiday. This day is not only for teachers, but also for people working in the system of education in Russia. The holiday was firstly declared as Teachers' Day in 1994. Enthusiasm, communicational skills and ability to get on with pupils are the main qualities of a teacher. Having a good teacher is necessary for every person's education. Only progressive teacher can inspire children and give them an opportunity to be successful in their future.
What do you think about an ideal teacher?

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  1. I congratulate You with International Teacher's Day!
    With Love,

    Sveta D.

  2. Thanks a lot my dear! How are you? What about English? Have you got any difficulties with it? I really miss you and your groupmates! Remember me to them all! Your teacher

  3. My favourite teacher is English teacher.She is one of the cleverest people I have ever known.She is incredibly educated and she has a lot of facilities in varios spheres.
    I belive that she is the best teacher.I remember all our lessons with her, because her lessons are very interesting and full of surprises. She always makes me smile and takes part in all discussions.Her methods of teaching us demonstrates the disirable teaching methods for our use.Having her as a teacher was a blessing!!!Veronika

  4. There are a lot of proffessions nowadays. Some of them are easy and some are difficult. I want to say some words about teachers. In my opinion it is a very difficult proffession, it demands calmness and also a lot of energy.
    I want to describe an ideal teacher. Pupils are very different in characters and views on life, and a teacher must find approach to each of them. Teacher must be well-rounded and intelligent. Also she/he must understand us and accept us as we are without grumbling. Teacher's lessons probably may be extremely interesting, efficient and absolutely fascinating. She/He may practic what he preach.
    It is very good if a teacher is always in a good mood and keeps us laughing. Also teachers must be able to give us good advice and help us to broaden our minds. If teachers are respectful of us as pupils and knows how to listen, the class will never be boring because we'll get to class we always know what to expect.
    Certainly, teacher must know the subject very well, because if she/he knows bad, s/he can't give an excellent education to the pupils.

  5. My best ever teacher is my geography teacher. She explained everything extremly clearly. Moreover, she was the funniest person I had ever known in my life, every class was fun and I actually learned stuff about science. She was always in a good mood and kept all of us laughing. And I can still remember a large part of what she taudht. Discipline problems did not exist in her class because there was never an idle moment or a boring one. She made us think. I am thankful for it. Because of her I developed my Geography skills and really interested in this science. She is one of those teachers who, first of all, explained material well, secondly generously marking the sudent's work- who tried hardly, not wasting precious time on talks while there is enough time for more important things. She is responsable and I respect her. Helen

  6. Dear Tatyana Klimovna,I congratulate you with past holiday!

    Some words about Ideal teacher.
    “School is the second home”, these words are said by people continually. It is clear, after all pupils spend much time in school. Children find there advice-givers, friends, even future husbands and wives in some cases. So, school time is a big and essential period of person’s life. Accordingly, of course, teaching staff plays significant role in our school life.
    There are pupils, who don’t pay attention to the characteristic of teachers. But also there are others, for whom a good teacher can be the reason of good study and on the contrary. Such good teacher is imagined by every pupil differently. And I’m not an exception. As for me, an ideal teacher has following characteristics. Firstly, strictness and fairness, as a single whole (it doesn’t mean that he must be a monster or assimilate to a military man, but he must have feeling of respect to others and self-esteem, that are the reason of over-mentioned characteristic.), because such line of the nature causes respect. Besides, he must be highly qualified, because neither goodness of character nor responsible attitude to the job can’t be compared with knowledge of teacher’s own subject and ability to teach it. Finally, understanding. That is to have knowledge to such sphere as psychology, and I don’t want to say it is the result of persistent reading of psychological literature, but it is a natural ability. Based on my little experience, I can notice, there are people who have higher psychological education, as the second degree, but they don’t use relevant information. They are not psychologists by nature.
    Eventually, I’d like to say that it is my belief, but I haven’t listed high and unreal requirements. That’s why, in my opinion, it is even a model not of an ideal, but of a standard teacher.
    P.S. I use a pronoun he, calling a teacher, because originally the noun teacher is a masculine noun, but not because of my subconscious desire to be taught by a male teacher.
    Best wishes,
    Guzel Sitdikova :)

  7. Guzel, thanks a lot! Good reasoning about an ideal teacher!

  8. It is very interesting=)

    By: Дмитрий Беляевский=)

  9. Oh, how interesting it is i don,t know about this day nothing , but now an rich my knowledge)))