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Почему я люблю Рождество?

Why I like Chtistmas
Christmas is the holiday of my soul. It is cold outside, and the sky is gloomy, but the flowers burst into bloom deep in my heart. Christmas is the victory of good over evil. All sins disappear on this day like rats, hiding in the deepest holes. They can’t bare that light, that love which is given to us on the day of Christmas. People go home loaded down with toys and Christmas presents, which will be hidden under the Christmas tree or in the knitted stockings. The tables are set. Christmas goose, potatoes, salads, cakes... There is a delicious smell in every house! People sit down at the tables, and grace is said. Candles flare up on the Christmas tree, and people wish happiness to each other.
Christmas is he time to forget all the offenses you had to bear, and to forgive everyone
who hurt you and was unfair to you, who was not kind to you. To forgive and to forget... It is not very easy. But you should try. Just do it. That’s what Christ did. He died on the cross to save us. He forgave our sins. Why shouldn’t we try to forgive? But if you say, “I can forgive, but I cannot forget,” it is only another way of saying, “I will not forgive.” To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you. Every person should have a special cemetery lot in which to bury the faults of friends and loved ones. This is the main meaning of the spirit of Christmas. I wish you to get to know it, and live with this spirit not only at Christmas time, but all during the year. God bless us, everyone!
I don't know the author of this very clever (to my mind) essay. I think it's worth reading. Why do you like Christmas? Leave your comments, please.

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  2. Christmas for me…
    I’d like to say some words about Christmas. In my opinion Christmas is the greatest, the most important holiday in the year. I like it very much.
    All my family gathers together this evening. They are happy. The table is set. Rooms are very wonderful decorated with different beautiful Christmas things. The most popular is Christmas tree, nowadays it is a custom. People all over the world decorate it with glass balls, candles, lights and any others they can imagine.
    And I think there is no reason to dislike Christmas, not only because it makes people happy, because it is interesting. There are a lot of various legends about Christmas and Christ. I always listen about it with great pleasure. Also I know many stories about Santa Clause.
    Most of all in Christmas I like to get and to give gifts.
    For me Christmas is a very funny, interesting holiday. I like it very much for its amazing traditions.

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  4. It's difficult to explain why I love Christmas. I just feel something very kind and good in my heart, positive energy touching my soul and making me better. I think it's HIS LOVE.

  5. Christmas is only one holiday which is liked by all people. Christmas is the busiest time for the most people. When I was a little child ,I believed that Santa Claus was real. On the 26 th of December I with my elder sister wrote letters to Santa Claus. Next day in the morning this letters disappeared. Before Christmas at night my mother told us story of Santa Claus. Christmas is a festivity most awaited by children and this has immensely helped in the survival of legends of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. My mother said that Santa Claus is a merry old man in red and white clothes ,along with eight flying reindeer, which is later joined by Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The home of Santa is located on or near the North Pole so we go to bed with happy smiles. In the morning on the 31 st of December I got up because of fuss of my family/All concerned with preparing for Christmas. And I connect with them. So when Christmas eve begin we start celebrated this holiday.